New or Updated Information Submission

If you are requesting we decode a brand or serial number for you, DO NOT USE THIS FORM!!! Your submission will be summarily dismissed and ignored. Please use our assistance request form!!!

The form on this page is solely intended for page edit suggestions AND  new or updated brand/serial number information.

NOTE: If submitting new or updated information, it is required that you have ALREADY acquired this information (i.e. information or email from the manufacturer that decodes the serial number, or other useful insight) and wish to share it with us! Please include at least one clear photo of the full data plate (additional photos of the unit are helpful). Also, please include as much detail as possible in the comment section. In other words, the more helpful information, the better!

This is NOT the form to use if you need assistance decoding the age of a serial number style or manufacturer brand not already listed on our website!

If you do not have the required information above or need assistance decoding a serial number, please use the “request assistance” form located HERE

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