Clark® Water Heaters

The date of production/manufacture or age of Clark® Water Heater(s) cannot currently be determined from the serial number. Other clues or indicators must be used.

Serial number styles/formats found are:

Style 1: 7X60633

Style 1: 7X60633

Last manufactured in 1974.

Unfortunately we are unable to determine the exact date of manufacture or age of these units.

Research Notes:

McGraw Electric acquired Clark Water Heater Company in 1927.

The McGraw Electric Company was a U.S. manufacturer of electric appliances founded by Max McGraw in 1900. It grew through mergers and acquisitions to become a major enterprise. The best known product may have been the Toastmaster pop-up toaster.

In 1957 McGraw Electric merged with Thomas A. Edison, Inc. to form McGraw-Edison.

McGraw-Edison brands were last manufactured in 1974, and no longer in business.

Because the data plate pictured below lists the parent company as McGraw Electric Company rather than McGraw-Edison, the manufacture date of this unit likely predates the 1957 merger.


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