STATE® Water Heaters

The date of production/manufacture or age of STATE® Water Heater(s) can be determined from the serial number.

From humble beginnings as a maker of coal and wood-burning stoves in a Nashville, TN garage, to the largest producer of water heaters in the world, State® is a widely recognized manufacturer of a variety of brand water heaters.

State® was acquired by A.O. Smith® in 2001

Serial number styles/formats found are:

  • Style 1:     1210A002243 or S1318 F000046
  • Style 2:     H765662231 or M07A009387
  • Style 3:     AF04A093001
  • Style 4:     1735107397129

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Style 1:    1210A002243 or S1318 F000046

Style 2:    H765662231 or M07 A009387

Style 3:    AF04A093001

Style 4:    1735107397129
State® History:
  • 1946 - Founded by Herbert Lindahl as a small entrepreneurial company making coal and wood burning stoves out of a garage in Nashville, TN
  • 1948 - Began making electric water heaters
  • 1954 - Began making gas-fired water heaters
  • 1957 - Began making porcelainized glass-lined tanks (basic design feature still in use today)
  • 1979 - First to use foam insulation to line the space between the tank and outer jacket of the water heater
  • 1996 - Becomes world's largest producer of water heaters with an average production of 10,000 units per day
  • 2001 - Acquired by A.O. Smith®

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