How to determine the date of production/manufacture or age of an Thatcher® furnace or other Thatcher® HVAC unit.
This page was last updated 13 December, 2016
This company is no longer in business. Ceased operations circa 1968.
Without original bill of sale, we have no data on precisely determining the age of manufacture for this brand. Any units found to be in existence will predate 1968.
The Thatcher company began in 1850 with the development of the “Tubular Furnace” and was known as the “Thatcher Furnace Company”. Operated briefly as “Thatcher and Haviland” after the U.S. Civil War.  Name changed to “Thatcher Furnace Company” in 1890. At this time, the company produced kitchen ranges, radiators, steam and water boilers, along with furnaces. Name changed in 1925 to “Thatcher Company” then reverted back to “Thatcher Furnace Company” with reorganization in 1937. Following the great depression, they developed new gas and oil-fired equipment.  During WWII , the company largely converted to manufacturing which supported the war effort including ammunition lockers, bomb noses, bomb cluster weights, boat parts, and special castings. The company was purchased by Holland Furnace Company and later by the Crane company before ceasing operations in 1968. The company retained the Thatcher name during these changes.
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