Trane® HVAC age

How to determine the date of production/manufacture or age of Trane® HVAC Systems.

The date of production/manufacture or age of a Trane® HVAC unit can be determined from the serial number.

Parent:  Ingersoll Rand

Serial number styles found:  (NOTE:  Serial Number styles found for several Ingersol Rand Brands are being used here.)

  • Style 1:    F91-90391
  • Style 2:    EKK1915
  • Style 3:    91531S41F or 10161KEDAA
  • Style 4: C13A00143
  • Style 5:    R1742DWBF
  • Style 6:        123456T
  • Style 7:    2D-1234
  • Style 8:    H011870M03
  • Style 9:    ZTN730A100AC
  • Style 10:  130313596L (Light Commercial HVAC)

Style 1:   F91-90391

Style 2:   EKK1917

Style 3:       91531S41F or 10161KEDAA

Style 4:    C13A00143


Style 5:    R1742DWBF

See the Chart Below:

Note: This style consists of 9 characters, always beginning with a letter followed by 2 digits. The last 6 characters of the serial number can be comprised of any combination of letters and/or numbers.

Examples: F23456789 would be manufactured the 23rd week of 1991. C01D47415 would be manufactured the 1st week of 1988.

Style 6:   123456T

Style 7:   2D-1234

Style 8:   H011870M03

Style 9:   ZTN730A100AC

GE Style 1 shown below.

Style 10:   130313596L

For Light Commercial HVAC Units

Page last updated: 5/07/2019