Defect Photos October 2023 Softened Bathroom Exhaust

Defect Photo Entry
Softened Bathroom Exhaust
This house had a bathroom exhaust fan vented into an empty water softener brine tank that had been somehow carried up into this attic. You can see the discoloration of the roof sheathing from the moisture, but this whole thing was bizarre. The "rest of the story" as it goes is that a handyman called me a year after I had inspected this house to tell me what a terrible job we'd done since we had obviously missed this crazy setup and that the owner was worried about mold due to this "miss" of ours. I politely referred him and the client to the report which very clearly showed this (4 photos) and had a detailed narrative to include the organic growth on the sheathing. A crazy phone call, that led to us feeling good about the work we do.