Kelvinator® Appliances

 Electrolux currently owns the brand.

Other brands associated with Electrolux include- White Westinghouse, Frigidaire, Philco, and Tappan.

Kelvinator was started in the early 1900 manufacturing electric refrigerators. 

The brand was purchased in 1970 by White Consolidated Industries. 
It was then purchased by Electrolux in 1986

Style 1

Example: KG44312523

The manufacture date is represented by the numerical digit in the 3rd position of the serial number.

Blue indicates Year and Red is the week of manufacture

Please note! In some cases the year digit in the example above covers decades. So it could be for 2014-2004-1994. You will have to use your best judgement when decoding the age. 

Fortunately most current tags also show the actual manufacture date printed as well. 


Style 2

Anything prior to 1986
Before the brands purchase by White Industries in 1970, little information can be located in regards to specific accuracy.|
Extremely aged models could have an actual date or the date is in the model number.