Worst of the Worse Photo Contest!

We're looking for the Worst of the Worse defect photos depicting head-shaking and humorous installations related to residential, commercial, or industrial applications.

This can be bad HVAC installations, plumbing nightmares, framing frenzies, appliance hiccups, radical roofing installations, Harry Homeowner handiwork, creative electrical engineering, careless contractor mishaps, incredible infrared, etc. You get the idea... the more messed up the better (or worse).

Each submitted entry is automatically published to a blog post, and visible to the public.

The competitions are open for a 20 day period each month. A winner will be selected from the entries submitted for each period. The winner of each entry period will be awarded 1 (one) year free membership to www.Building-Center.org and invited to submit their winning entry into the Grand Prize contest held once a year. The winner of the Grand Prize will receive lifetime membership to www.Building-Center.org as well as a $50 Amazon gift certificate!

Entries are open to the public! Must be 18 years old or older to enter.

So let's see your worst of the worse!